About Us

Transfair is the result of 20 years experience in the field of prehospital life support. Our company was created in 2005 in response to the need for airlifting urgent and/or critical care patients.

Those patients have to be transported over long distances. They require both heavy, complex medical equipment and constant monitoring which should be handled by a medical team rather than a single doctor onboard of a mini jet. The realization of such difficulties gave birth to a new concept: High Capacity Ambulance Aircraft (HCAA)Ⓡ. In order to breathe life into this concept, we developed in cooperation with AAT, modules which allow to convert a transporter aircraft into an advanced medical platform in no time.

Our ideas came to life with the finalization of the Morphée Program in 2006. The transformation of 11 C-135 into High Capacity Ambulance Aircraft (HCAA)Ⓡ gave the French army the unique ability to transport up to 12 critical patients in the best conditions over extended periods of time. Those aircraft have been put to the test for the greatest welfare of the wounded during the conflicts in both Kosovo and Afghanistan.