What is the 'HCAA' Concept ?

The High Capacity Ambulance Aircraft (HCAA)Ⓡ concept was developed in order to adapt to a new strategy of Aeromedical Evacuations (AE)

Prior to the first Gulf war, medical support was organized within the operational area to treat a substantial number of wounded soldiers. AE was typically setup to repatriate a large number of stable patients. This generally occured only several weeks after being wounded.

In later conflicts, the Medical Support Doctrine changed. The trend was to give the treatment ASAP at home or in allied countries. As a consequence an early evacuation policy, had increased the demand for a new type of AE.

Today, wounded soldiers, in order to be safe and secure as quickly as possible, must be transported to a major hospital, at home, only 24 hours after resuscitation and stabilizing surgery. As a consequence, these patients are stabilized rather than being actual stable. Consequently, an increasing number of patients need very sophisticated monitoring and medical care during the AE.

For the new strategy, and to fullfill the new operational requirements, Transfair has designed and developed a MODULAR MEDEVAC SYSTEM, composed of several Medical Modules that are able to be assembled very quickly on the ground, even in the operational area, if required, and loaded onto the aircraft.