Intesive Care Module (ICM)

  • This ICM has been designed to carry one Critical Care Patient (NATO categorization of casualties: dependency 1)
    Designed and manufactured of anodised aluminium compound material
    Easy to install to the “Seats Pallet” seat tracks
    Changeable to Non Intensive Care Module (NON-ICM) transfer for two patients
  • ICM Medical Devices (monitoring, ventilation, infusion, succion, medical imaging) see the ICM Medical Devices tab
    3 Cabinets for medical material storage
    Top Panel with stretcher locker system and seat rails for to fasten the medical equipment carrier
    Medical equipment Carrier with
    Supports medical devices
    Outlets for oxygen
    Electrical sockets 28VDC / 14VDC
    Medical Power Distribution Unit and converter 28VDC/14VDC
    Stretcher system with antidecubitus mattress for patients comfort and safety
    Adjustable back- and footrest
    Patients restraint system according TSO
    Oxygen is supplied via the Oxygen Station: 8xO2 aeronautical 10L cylinders (at 200 bar)
    O2 Low pressure warning light
  • The ICM Medical Devices can be adapted to the customer’s special requests

    Integrated medical device

    1 Ventilator
    1 O2 inhalator
    1 Monitor / Defibrilator
    3 Electric Syringes
    3 Infusion Pumps
    1 Succion Pump Accu
    1 Warmer
    1 Cooling System
    1 Blood Gas Analyzer
    1 O2 Distribution System
  • Air quick change ambulance system installed on a pallet adapted for C-17/C-130/L-100/CN-235

  • All Medical Devices are EASA certified