Jacques Barthes' career spans more than 50 years, beginning with his graduation from the St Cyr Military Academy and commission in the French Armée de Terre, continuing with twenty five years with the Thales group (formerly Thomson-CSF) and culminating with his work with Transfair.

During his career with Thales he began as a Program Director, advanced to Strategic Business Unit Director and finally promoted to Marketing and Sales Director with Thales Optronics and Business Development Director - Latin America with Thales International.

For recognition of his efforts, in 1998, the French government bestowed upon him the National Order of Merit, Chevalier, and in 2008, the National Order of the Legion of Honour, Chevalier.

In 2008, Mr. Barthes joined the creator of Transfair, Dr. Henri Gérardin, to bring Transfair to the international market.

Doctor Henri Gérardin is a medical physician, specialized in Emergency Medicine, and founded Transfair in 2005.

His experience stems from more than 20 years in Aeromedical Evacuation (MEDEVAC, STRATEVAC and TACEVAC) and has been a key advisor involved in several government programs, particularly in the Morphée 1 and 2 programs.

He was responsible for the project teams for P710 (installation of an ICU on board of the Airbus A330 government aircraft), and the two latest aeroevacuation projects for the Austrian Air Force and the Belgium Defence.

His medical expertise includes Emergency Medicine, Helicopter Rescue, Stratevac and Tacevac.