14 Feb 2016
New Services

Starting in March 2016, Transfair will beging to offer a services portfolio for training and maintainance for medevac systems. These courses are custom tailored to our customers experience level, mission parameters and working environment and will include a large selection of courses ranging from entry level training for pilots and aircrew with no medical transport experience to advanced training for medical personnel that are transitioning from ground operations to air ambulance operations, looking for enhanced capabilities and program standardization.

July 2015
Aeromedical Evacuation

Due to operational events involving the UAE armed forces, Transfair has been asked to propose a solution for the UAE's Aero Ambulance needs. Transfair proposed the Air Ambulance Quick Change system to be installed on C-17, C-130 and L-100 aircraft and was selected for it's short lead time and ability to deliver a product adapted to several different platforms. All modules were delivered, installed and accepted in a short, 4 month timeframe.

3 Feb 2014
Aeromedical Evacuation

Israeli startup Urban Aeronautics is testing a flying ambulance drone they hope to release before 2020, Business Insider reports. The vehicle, which is called the AirMule, would be used to perform rescues in places like dense urban environments, where helicopter maneuvering is difficult. The AirMule is directed and controlled remotely and it can fly unpiloted with up to 880 pounds of cargo.

13 Dec 2013
Aeromedical Evacuation

They were put on alert during the most recent anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

If the call came, the Air Force’s newest aeromedical evacuation team members would head for the designated C-130 or C-17 waiting on the Ramstein tarmac, grabbing duffel bags of surgical tools and other equipment from a warehouse and embarking on a race against time and distance.

The surgeon, emergency medicine physician, two nurse anesthetists and an operating room technician — Air Force personnel assigned to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center — would augment other aeromedical crews, on a mission to Africa to pick up injured Americans, fly them back to Germany and, if necessary, operate prior to takeoff or while en route.