Your checkup

Taking care

Your health is your most precious asset, it deserves our full attention. This is why we offer to plan your health check-up. A thorough health check-up allows early detection of diseases, it is the best means of prevention.

This check-up must fit your needs and be carried out in screening centers equipped with cutting edge technology.

This comprehensive screening will include:

  • A biological exam
  • A general physical exam
  • A cardiological exam
  • A medical imaging exam

We will set up your health check up (book appointments, handle all administrative formalities) and communicate all results to you. We will ensure your personal data and your privacy are protected. If you have received a diagnosis and you wish to have a second medical opinion to optimize treatment or in the event of a complex medical situation, you can seek the advice of an expert in the medical specialty concerned.​
Do not hesitate to send us your medical record, it will be studied by a multidisciplinary team. After thorough analysis of your record, our team may ask for additional tests which can be carried out either in your country or in France.

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