Your tailor-made medical stay

Your personalized access to medical care

Transfair offers an all-inclusive, high-end medical concierge service to international patients, taking care of the travel and medical stay of the patient and their companions to find suitable care and recovery facilities until they return home. Our mission is to offer you access to French excellence in terms of care. The French medical infrastructure and the internationally recognized competence of its practitioners make France one of the most advanced countries in the world. France is ranked third in the world in the Newsweek ranking. This “all inclusive” and “à la carte” service integrates innovative and latest generation medical treatments, accompanied by therapeutic, aesthetic and comfort treatments of exceptional quality.

  1. Transmission of your medical documents
  2. Study of the medical file by a multidisciplinary team
  3. Proposal to collect additional information or proposal of choice of hospitalization and specialists
  4. You will receive your personalised care estimate
  5. Validation and payment
  6. Organisation of your all-inclusive medical trip
  7. Reception on arrival in France
  8. Managing your admission and hospital stay
  9. Discharge and return to your country with the possibility of a follow-up
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